Lionel PRR GG1 Locomotive by Avon @ Local Collectors Store

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Viewing Product » Lionel PRR GG1 Locomotive by Avon

Lionel PRR GG1 Locomotive by Avon Item Code: AV004
Price: $42.00
Availability: 1 in stock


Lionel PRR GG1 Locomotive by Avon is a replica of one of the most famous of the Lionel electric trains--This is the fifth in a series of Lionel Train replicas to offered by Avon in 1994, it comes with a handsome wooden base with a small brass plate indicating the name of the train--This fine piece is made of Hartford porcelain which is a mixture of porcelain powder and polyester resin-- with a card with the history of the item and box which is almost in mint condition.

The train measures 8" in lenght and 3" high.

Price above includes shipping and handling.

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