AU LION Marked US M-1918 Mk1 Trench Knife @ Local Collectors Store

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Viewing Product » AU LION Marked US M-1918 Mk1 Trench Knife

AU LION Marked US M-1918 Mk1 Trench Knife Item Code: K001
Price: $1000.00
Availability: 1 in stock


The knife is one of the French made examples which is marked on the ricasso with a (Reclining Lion) / AU LION. The blade mark is very crisp and well defined. This brass grip of the knife is clearly marked: U. S. 1918. As is usually the case with the AU LION marked knives, the cast brass grip is much rougher and cruder than the US made versions. As is also typical of the French made knives, the knuckle “points” are also less defined and not as sharp as the US made knives.The brass knuckle grip has a lovely, un-cleaned dark bronze patina. The blades of most of the AU LION knives were produced “in the white”, with no finish on the blade. The scabbard is unmarked, which is typical of the French made knives.

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